The year 2070 after earth start suffering and lost a lot of resources, from space meteorite hit the earth, unfortunately, the meteorite has a virus that kills anyone in just 12 hours no one was able to cure it but they able to make anyone got the virus to survive and live years, but the virus has already killed half of the human population of the earth meanwhile after 10 years somewhere close to area 51 their new lab trying to solve the virus they start RNA/DNA manipulation with human's to create new generation of humans with the ability to survive!
The DNA manipulation has great results, but one problem all the kids that's been part of the experiment has superpowers they don't have only the human DNA but also has the same abilities of the virus, it's look like that's hit the earth was not just a meteorite with virus like everyone thought but also has a waste of extra-terrestrial body parts from galaxy far away from earth was also used in the experiment. ©
Making of Immure - Screenshot inside Cinema 4d.

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