The idea was to create surreal artwork using only toys and some handcraft and make it as real as possible. I have this clear idea/concept about flying whales and flying planets, I started working on it and with a bit of help of Photoshop, those were the results.
The making of
Started working on this project a few months back, I used one flash head to be the moonlight! I got the white balls from the gift shop and colored it with gold paint to make it shine.

I hooked the whale toy using fishing line on the flashlight head, I got a fog machine but it was a huge problem because the smoke was spreading everywhere. I started searching the web for a solution, but I couldn't find anything helpful, most people suggested to get dry ice, but unfortunately, I couldn't find it anywhere in my area. It was killing me so I got a cardboard box and cut a small hole to make the fog go through, I got my old vacuum cleaner tube hooked it up with the fog machine, I also used a fan on top to make the fog swim on the surface of the table without it spreading everywhere.

- the whale toy from a company called "MOJO FUN", they make high-quality life like animals and sea creatures.
keep your brushes clean! :D
Thank you for watching.

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