One of my dreams to travel the world with my camera, take photos of wildlife animals and under the sea creatures, swimming with whales, dolphins, etc. like a National Geographic photographer, so was the purpose of this project to create my own wildlife photography using some animals and sea creatures models in my room studio, until I'm able to do the real thing.
Because of ongoing and potential loss of their sea ice habitat resulting from climate change, polar bears were listed as a threatened species in the US under the Endangered Species Act in May 2008. WWF.


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"Over 1000 whales a year are killed for such commercial purposes. ... includes hunting of the endangered fin whale" WWF
Neither the dolphin nor the killer whale are endangered. However, several of the river dolphins are very endangered because humans have destroyed their habitat. If we humans don't take care of the earth, many more species of dolphins will become endangered in the future.
The Making of

Start to work on this project 2 months ago, getting the figures was the hard part when I contact the company "MOJO FUN" that make high detail animals figures to ask if I can photograph their stuff they were really cool about it, even better they send me more figures all away from China to photograph!

For the north pole photo, I use 2 flash heads one on the top (Soft-Box), and one behind the background to get a nice clean white background, for snow I use snow in can I buy it from the gift shop for 1.2$ a can.
Before and after using photoshop.
Under the sea photo, water tank with a small drop of blue color to make it more like the real thing, for the dust I just drop tissue and move it in the water, only one flash head with a light snoot on it with blue gel to get nice blue sea, I used a blue background but everything was looking too blue, so I replace it with black, I hold the models with fishing line on the light head with gum like thing.

using Adobe Photoshop to clean some stuff like bubbles, fishing lines and glass scratches.
Before and after using photoshop.
Thank you for watching!

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