I love Sci-fi theme! so I always have these ideas about flying UFO and house in nowhere that, the aliens show interest in a house, In particular, to take over to another planet.
The making of, I always try new toys/scale models, photography mixed with Photoshop. about two months, I have started to work on this project idea, I admire the vintage look of stuff like the car and the house. I bought a bigger house, but it was way too big for the project. I contacted a company that cut wood to make a small house of the design I want, but it was hard to get it together because the size I asked for was too small. Fortunately, I have been able to get it together. 

2$ LED light strip for the spaceship, and for the smoke I used cigarettes (I don't smoke) so it was hard for me, for the sand I used hummus, the normal sand will look so big on the camera. 

Used one flash head to make the light that comes out from the UFO/Spaceship, and there was another small LED light to give overall light.
Thank you for watching!

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